Swink, Inc.

Swink, Inc. is a small and mighty design shop in Madison, WI. I spent three lovely years there. Every project at Swink was different. From identity work, web design, programming, packaging, animation and screen printing, we wore a lot of hats. At Swink, I soaked up knowledge more than any other place I've worked. As a small studio, we could get closer to our clients and projects, which invigorated the ownership of our passion, craft, and humor. Shanan, the principal, is a family-focused man. The balance of work and play is such a strong suit that it helped us raise the level of our work to that of a powerhouse agency. I left Swink in December of 2014 to be with my girlfriend in Washington D.C.



Swink Clients

A+ Federal Credit Union
Beloit College
The Billions Corporation
Filene Research Institute
Grandma Ann's Potato Grater
Light Think
Make Conference
MasterCraft Boats
Mr. Happy Dietary Supplement for Men
Papyrus-Recycled Paper Greetings
Studio Melt
Urban Land Interests
Wisconsin Media Lab


Shanan Galligan Principal
Yogie Jacala Senior Designer

My Swink Duties

Identity Design
Print & Collateral
Web Design
Environmental Graphics